This is a list of where my work can be found online and in print.


Bless Those Who Cry Silver After Midnight

Stone Circle Review

Womb Weary

Anti-Heroin Chic

He Has a Hatchet

Glass Poetry Journal

No Admission

Rogue Agent Journal

Definition of Future


Out of the Chamber


The Trees Acknowledge You

The Hunger

George & Davis’ Coffee, Oxford, 1996, Split Map

Tinderbox Poetry Journal


Ink & Nebula

All that You Can’t Have, Lucille, The Study

St Bosco’s Carnival, Topeka, KS, To the Inspector, Mary’s Land

Menacing Hedge

The Physics of Rebirth

Tinderbox Poetry Journal



Tim’s on Acid and He’s Driving

Bird’s Thumb

ImprintNaming of Parts

Eunoia Review


The Coming of the Animals

Lily Poetry Review, Issue 2

American Football, Visitors Section, In This Dream, There Are Oranges, and To Whom It May Concern

Maximum Tilt Anthology 

Love in the Time of Log Cabins

The Knicknackery

This is How to Read Me

Burnt District

Reviews and Interviews with Me

Getting to Know Rebecca Connors and Her New Chapbook: SPLIT MAP

Review of Split Map by Arya F. Jenkins in Poetry Cafe

Reviews and Interviews with Others

Her Kind, by Cindy Veach

Lily Poetry Review, Issue 7, Winter 2022

Interview with Eileen Cleary

AWP’s In the Spotlight

Spinster for Hire, by Julia Story

Tinderbox Poetry Journal


“All that You Can’t Have” nominated for Pushcart Prize, Nov 2017

“Loculus” nominated for Orison Anthology, Sept 2015