Summer Heat

It’s mid-July, mid summer, mid something, and somehow I naively expected the world to slow down for a moment. I thought maybe lemonade and bicycle rides or lazy picnics. I sense waves of panic and anxiety as I walk through the world, as if folks aren’t certain whether to be scared or happy or angry. And online, phew. People hate. And mock. And I just can’t. 

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Priority Time

I am in the process of rearranging my priorities. It’s exhilarating and scary at the same time. I did this exercise, called Clarity Cards, and there I was shuffling all the things I am responsible for, all the things I love to do, all the places I have to show up and then trying to prioritize them. It helped when I narrowed the scope to say 6 months, because priorities shift and expectations change.

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To A New Season

It’s incredible how the time flies because I seriously feel like I sent a newsletter out last week and it has been months! The last one was on the winter solstice actually, so maybe I am on equinox time. (I also feel like 2019 was last year, so there’s that, too.)

We’ve entered spring and there are tiny crocuses along our street and those bursts of yellow and purple give me hope.

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What is this rage?

People are losing it. Really. 

Across the political divide, we are all on edge. The anti-vaxxers who believe the end of the world is comingThe bullies who attack ER nurses. The rage filling town halls over critical race theory. The parents sending their unable-to-be-vaccinated kids to school and the rage they feel at those who flaunt their maskless faces. The suspicious glances in the store. The fights at school and on the internet. Even, let’s say, the bad art friend.

Things are bananas.

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Change is in the air

This is the summer interlude. A check-in with a promise. Although I doubt any of you are waiting with bated breath for my next missive, I promised myself that I would make this a more regular occurrence.

It’s summer and we’re in a big transition phase here. Liv has graduated 5th grade and is moving to middle school. We are emerging slowly from the pandemic and still keeping an eye on those variants and the vaccination rate. I’m still in the process of mourning and grieving and processing.

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Reckoning Debt

I’m still in the process of mourning and grieving and processing. My sense is that the grueling grind of capitalism will not let us pause and reflect and take stock. This has to happen individually between meetings or while driving your kid to and from school. We don’t know how to mourn collectively in a healthy way. After 9/11, we had these patriotic overblown events where we dive deep into the myth of our exceptionalism. More flags, more military bands, more words like freedoms, and very little reckoning. Of course, this is the plan because it feeds into our notions of power and entitlement. And if we really did reflect, we might see the ways our country is in the wrong.

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