The good news

Dear dears,

I thought about what I wanted to write about and it came to me that sharing good news and good things would be an inspiring way to start November. October had its fair share of bad news, which is saying a lot as there has been a slurry of bad news since January…

So I’m going to RECOMMEND some people/place/things and share good news. I hope you enjoy these tidbits.

Tito Jackson. If you live in Boston and are reading this, you probably already know that he’s the real deal. Please tell all of your friends about him. VOTE tomorrow, NOVEMBER 7.

826BostonI finished my tutor training and I am excited and nervous as all get out to start working with Boston Public School kids. I believe that finding and learning to love one’s voice is the key to building confidence and critical thinking skills. Helping kids who live in my city do that will be so amazing, I just know it.

The Dollop podcast. I have learned so much from this American History podcast. I have learned about the Boston Busing in 1974-1975 (seriously as a BPS parent now, listening to this explains so much about the state of affairs), the attic lover, Harriet Tubman, and probably the most damning of all, Uber.

I can’t speak about podcasts without talking about My Favorite Murder. If you love story-telling, feminism and facing your fears, this is for you. “Fuck politeness” has helped me realize that being polite is NOT more important than my personal safety. Karen and Georgia also talk freely about mental illness, addiction, and their own fears in a genuine way — along with the details of horrible murder cases. You would think that someone with an anxiety disorder would stay away, but in some ways, it has really helped me feel better about myself.

The best of both worlds, some crossover episodes:

Soy Much Brighter Candles: It’s getting darker out and winter is coming. Soy Much Brighter candles are soy  with wood wicks made in the Boston area and smell soy good. I love Blue Moon the most. Also, RESIST is making me happy because it smells really good and she donates $$ from the purchase to good causes.

Houseplants! Folks, ZZ plants and African spear plants (Sansevieria) are really hard to kill. Pepperomias are also solid. I am living the dream of plants that live without me doing anything!

Morgan’s new poetry book! In 2006, I took 3 poetry classes in a row because they were taught by Morgan. She is a fabulous teacher and amazing poet. I was lucky to have her work with me earlier this spring on my chapbook draft. Her new books just came out: Sometimes We’re All Living in a Foreign Country. She’ll be launching her new book at Porter Square Books Nov 20 and I will be there.

My mom’s retirement. My mom has done amazing work with Bethesda Cares. The first and foremost is her work to enact housing first policies. Her organization has housed hundreds of people. I am so lucky to be the daughter of such an inspirational person. However, I am super excited that we’ll be able to spend more time with her now. If you are feeling generous, a small gift to her org would be a great retirement gift.
And last but not least, SewGOOD Unique Upcycled Gifts, in which Trish takes unloved sweaters and turns them into beautiful pillows. Check out the Holy Name Christmas Bazaar next weekend for the debut!

That’s it for now. Next month, I will have more good things. But for now, seriously, listen to that Uber episode and then delete your account. And vote tomorrow!

Love and light,

P.S. This Twitter thread by Ken Tremendous in which he tells the Parable of the Scorpion and the Frog made me laugh (andcrytoo).