Take it to 43

this reindeer has a complex backstory and loves you.
Hello hello,
I have been out of the loop or rather too much in it to think about communicating via my lovely little letters. Here’s the thing, I’m 43 now. Usually I do birthday resolutions and I haven’t in a long while but I thought maybe today I would just word vomit some out. But then, sitting here, I came to realize that for the first time I am not really aching and not really wanting to make profound announcements of what I should do.

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A burden of sleeplessness

In which I can’t stop dreaming

Dear Dears,

I asked Patrick last night when I would stop dreaming of moving and packing. Maybe when we buy our first home? And he said, Most likely not. Which while disappointing, I realized was most likely the truth. My feelings of rootlessness and abandonment have nothing to do with where I am currently living. It’s a constant theme of my life: trying to make a presence for my body and for my beliefs.

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July is Nigh!

It has been too long. I don’t know if it feels like that or not to you, but for me, there has been a little nag in the back of my head saying, write a letter, write a letter, write a letter.

Things are really dark now, as we knew they would be. And then they got darker. I am finding the light through family & friends, poetry and volunteering for good causes.

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New work

I am grateful to the editors of Ink & Nebula for publishing my poem, Fletching, in their inaugural issue.

They also made this stellar image to share on social.