Dear Dears,

From O’s school, we have learned about about transitions. How to take our bodies from one place to another and understand that we are going from one environment to another, and how that means to change our behavior. From learning behavior to recess behavior. From work mom to home mom and back again.

Transitions are a bitch.

Our schedule has transitioned to summer camp, weeks getting up a good 1.5 hours earlier than we did in the school year. This is everyone being so tired at the end of the day that we fight with each other and cry and then go to bed. It means that any new news, be it shitty healthcare, voter fraud commission, Trump’s overt sexism and misogyny, friends going through tough times, will break me.

But as such transitions are change and change is inevitably good, because it shakes things up a bit. We have more time in the evening together, I get work done before any of my coworkers get into the office, and it’s summer.

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