Hello Friends,

Welcome to spring/almost summer: a feeling of sun on skin, flower bloom, biking, and blinking at this new world. A new world, which is the same as the old world, except everything is upside down and horrible things are happening on an almost daily basis.

[Pause. Deep breath.]

I am going to focus on the good things this time…

A few weeks ago, we cleaned out our home office and now there is a corner with a desk for me, for writing and making things. In addition to creating this space, we have tossed large quantities of baggage — items we took with us when we moved from D.C. and then stuck in the back of the house. I feel so much lighter because of this.

I am unearthing my zine-making tools, old sketchbooks, film, tapes and tons of polaroids spanning years. Olivia is amazed at the screen prints we have done, loves the random art supplies and the notion of film. This is a connection to all my old selves, which makes me feel more grounded.

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